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Immaculada is the second album from Duncan Patterson's Íon. Featuring an
eclectic ensemble of uniquely gifted musicians, it presents a beautiful collection of timeless and passionate songs. The album's simple yet colorful use of cello, violin, acoustic guitars, flute, harp, piano and percussion paints an elegant backdrop for haunting vocal performances. Lead single/video 'Adoration' features the talents of
Latvia-born singer/performer Vic Anselmo. 'Temptation' and 'Invidia' reunites Patterson with Irish singer/composer Lisa Cuthbert. Viola Roccagli (All My Faith) brings life to 'The Silent Stars' while Argentinean vocalist Laura Santos brings the album to a close with Return to Spirit.'


01. Immaculada (4:43)
02. Temptation (5:25)
03. Adoration (5:23)
04. Damhsa Na Gceithre Ghaoth (6:18)
05. Invidia (4:36)
06. Cetatea Cisnadioara (10:18)
07. The Silent Stars (7:22)
08. Return To Spirit (6:11)

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